World’s Largest Bugatti Outlet in the World Now in Dubai!

Next off after Bentley and Lamborghini, comes Bugatti which has just opened their massive showroom in Dubai. The super exotic car brand’s biggest showroom is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the longest and busiest road in the Emirates. This grand showroom currently embraces a unique car in its collection – “The Mighty Bugatti Chiron”. Within seconds, you will immerse yourself into this super sports car’s powerful, luxurious, and exclusive world. Once you enter Bugatti’s fine showroom, you will find the top-notch 1479bhp, $3.2 million Chiron placed in the main entrance hall. Its design has been modified to be extra ‘dynamic’, with a sweeping arc down each side, ‘eight-eyed’ front lights, and the huge rear wings which double as an airbrake. The technical intricacies will completely blow your mind.

The fascinating 240 square meter outlet is courtesy of the long-lasting partnership among local Al Habtoor Motors and Bugatti. There was an ample of motives to spend in the flagship showroom: with 30 orders for the hottest Bugatti Chiron already received, Bugatti UAE is the brand’s biggest winning dealership. On the left side of the entry, stand three wall-mounted ‘stele’ pillars glorifying both Bugatti 108-year legacy and the brand’s heart values, which are Art, Technique, and Forme.

The striking entrance hall features a four-meter-tall Bugatti horseshoe, while the interior design and decorations from the Home Collection of Bugatti fills the plush lounge area. To set the inauguration of the recent showroom, the Chiron travelled to Dubai prior to starting its journey to the Arabian Gulf, which is one of the Bugatti central sales markets where orders for Chiron have been received by 26 percent. Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management of Bugatti, on the event of the official opening ceremony of the latest outlet, stated the following: “A location of this worth and appeal for our brand name has acquired a superlative showroom”. A lot of Bugatti’s clients who have been the closest, faithful, and most trustworthy ambassadors of the brand for several years reside in this Kingdom. “Many of them are satisfying owners of some Bugatti superb sports cars. An obsession for supreme performance, opulence, and uniqueness is especially in evidence here. The new outlet will not only be the ideal platform for the Bugatti Chiron but will also honour the noteworthy clients.” President of Al Habtoor Motors, Sultan Al Habtoor, highlighted how proud his company was to represent the Bugatti brand. “The UAE is constantly motivated to be paramount. As a result, the objective was to introduce the largest, most fine-looking Bugatti showroom to the core of Dubai. Here, the exquisite customers can undergo the exclusive nature of this incredible brand name in every facet.”


So, get set to see those ‘more seductive and ravishing’ 30 pre-ordered cars on the streets of Dubai and the Middle East.