Tokyo is a city famous for the incredible food and the perfect mass transit system which are combined comfortably. The best thing to experience in Tokyo is the lifestyle of the people, and the tradition is least considerable in the city. The combination of high buildings, shopping malls and fancy cars make up the city more distinct from others. To thoroughly explore the city from food to style and from an expedition to the night life of the city. The biggest fish market in the world is located in Tokyo named as Tsukiji Fish Market which instantly gathers the attention of tourists visiting such place. Furthermore, the next place to visit in Tokyo is Meiji Shrine, which is a place for worship and for experiencing the life of localities of the city. Next place to visit is Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden which comprises of the most attractive trees of ancient times and unparalleled greenery. Another exciting place to visit in the whole country is the Shibuya crossing which is one among the most engaged areas. The place is surrounded by the beautiful lights and billboards and to skip out the world’s major attraction point is a matter of shame. The visit to Tokyo is incomplete if Sumo wrestling and Karaoke are not tried by the tourists because these two arts are surely visible in the different part of the country but none of them is reliable like in Tokyo.