Some enthusiasts, who wish to gain shape and healthy lifestyle from workouts are found disheartened and discouraged due to fruitless efforts and repetitive workout schedules. The rationale behind this is the fact the every individual is different in terms of results, fitness and exercises. Fitness is not constrained to exercises and workout, healthy regulations, diet plans and physical conditions are also equally considered. In this context, platform 3 alleviates each personal targets, objectives and preferences.

Personal trainers operate to attend and provide complete attention to the overall workout schedule of the trainees. The additional expense of the personal trainers is further justified for trainees by formulating sessions as their needs and demands.

It is necessary for an individual to visit and consult a dietician or nutritionist before heading to training sessions to get a diet plan that can facilitate the individual goals by working along the upcoming workout. Working out along with the regular diet plan cannot validate the requirements of the body.

The concept of sports therapy is to help the trainees to overcome all the impaired problems faced by them. Qualified physiotherapists assist the trainees to help with their dysfunctional problems and also makes to sure to formulate the workout plans as per the physical potential of the individual.

Availability of various fitness toys such as boxing rink, circuit training and climbing wall portrays platform 3 as a new holistic approach for individuals to meet the standards of healthy as well as balanced lifestyle.