Summer Care Tips for High Performance Sports Cars

Summer is a season when most of the motorists count on their four wheelers to experience outdoor excursions. The General Manager of Porsche Vijay Rao decided to conduct few tests on the new cars in order to ensure that during the harsh summer season their cars could maintain optimum performance. It is necessary for people to understand that during summer, the harsh UAE rays can affect their cars badly. Porsche is a car known for its quality and reliability, mainly because of the hot weather testing during the development process; this car manages to function effortlessly even in summer months. However, in order to maintain optimum performances, every car needs regular check-ups, especially in summer weather.

The oil and coolant levels must be checked regularly along with tread, conditions of the brakes and tyre pressures. Besides this, if the brakes are worn out then it needs to be replaced. In addition to this, if the pedal of brakes becomes soft or hard, then also it needs immediate replacement. In summer, the safety and durability of a car are decided by the condition of brake discs, and it may be because the high humidity creates a layer of rust on the discs. Apart from this, the engine of the cars should also be monitored regularly because during summer the engines heat up quickly. Moreover, the coolant protects the engine from overheating, thus during summer, the oil and coolant layer must be checked in order to maintain the function of the engine.