Shanghai, a city that remained relatively obscure until the 1800s. It initially came to international prominence as a result of its extraordinary geographical locale. Located in the south of the Changjiang River Estuary, bordered by the westerly coastal provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the city was  able to exploit inland China’s vast agricultural resources whilst maintaining favorable trade links with the European powers.

Shanghai’s has a real charm which sits just beneath the surface; and to discover all that is distinctive about it is to occasionally invite frustration. When it comes to accommodation, Shanghai is a city that is teeming with different options, for an interesting   stay, then The PuLi is your destiation— the inaugural property from Urban Resort Concepts. Hidden in the middle of Jingan, the mere act of arriving at The PuLi can prove satisfying: a screen of bamboo greenery flanks your approach; and the hotel’s entryway spirits you to a hidden oasis where the clatter of the encroaching city seems a distant memory.