The city of São Paulo, is quite large that contrast with its sibling Rio de Janeiro small size. The bold and beautiful is spread out at large showcasing the myriad concrete structures, pulsating industrial and urban life. The city has been assigned the title of the ‘New York of the Tropics’. São Paulo’s rich culture is exhibited through its cutting edge fashion, detailed art, technologically advanced industries and state of art architecture running across the city as its veins. The city offers the visitors the experience of an outrageous nightlife with over 15,000 bars. Sao Paulo is renowned as the cultural hub hosting array of cinemas,120 theaters, 70 museums, and 50 parks.

Paulistano street art can be noticed throughout the city is mural-sized or discreet art form that generates unpretentious beauty and enhanced creativity adding to the diversity of the city. The contemporary architecture reflected everywhere from parks to buildings, and even bridges fascinates the visitors.

The ‘X’ shaped cable bridge, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira over the river connects the two parts of São Paulo through a suspension of two curved tracks. Ibirapuera Park a must visit place exhibits the architectural designs of the Oscar winner architect Oscar Niemeyer along with a planetarium, an auditorium, a gymnasium and the pavilion that was used for Fashion Week at São Paulo.

Samba Saturdays are popular weekend events at Brazil are famous across various cities. Anyone willing to explore the locals and town must visit to Vila Madelana. People emphasize on dressing and gives weightage to style for setting the environment for fun at the night!