Relais Santa Croce Florence is a luxurious hotel located in Italy. It has three categories of the room that are Exclusive, superior and deluxe which is incorporated with comfort furniture and fixtures. Rooms are divided into three different dimensions where the exclusive rooms have the greatest area of 30-35 m2. Relais Santa Croce presented a large range of suites encompass with elegant antique furnishings and walls are decorated with 18th-century colour. The suites which consist of distinct shape and size and offers various services to the customers. The royal suites of the hotel comprise of 3 rooms, have the facility of the water-massage bath for two people, gym facility, and restroom facility and other such services are also rendered in the suites. Furthermore, the another category of suites is small presidential suites which include two rooms, area for spa, water-massage and fireplace which comprises of 91sqms area. Moreover, Relais Santa Croce also supplies additional services of tour packages intended for the particular tourist customers which include night stay for two days and suites are graced with flowers and pleasant fragrance for the romantic couples on vacations. Additionally, the hotel is famous for truffle hunting and also incorporate other such vacation packages of truffle hunting and experiencing. Furthermore, tourists who are interested in cultural vacation must visit Itinerary- Florence culture and which comprises of a large number of cultural acts such as 33 museums, cultural activities and trade exhibitions. Guelfi e Ghibellini restaurant is covered in the hotel which provides different menus according to the season that is served with trademark Mediterranean flavour. Furthermore, Enoteca Pichiorri which is a three-star restaurant is also situated in the hotel.