New Orleans

One may fall in love with the array of vibrant culture, influenced with the soothing atmosphere of New Orleans. Origin of Jazz is marked to this southern place and it is the home to the unique Creole cuisine, magnificent architecture and joie de vivre which run throughout the city as its veins.

Mardi Gras is famous for the extravagance and splendor that reflects the soul and heart of the city. Mardi Gras more common by the name of NOLA among the localities has plethora of sights to visit, multitude of various festivals and numerous experiences to be treasured all around the year. Owning to its geographical location the city is riddled with floods and annual hurricanes but the lush green scenery and the beautiful landscapes at New Orleans captivates the visitors.

Swampland is lying in the wet marshes of Louisiana, are the second low laying area in America that attracts people to New Orleans. The city hosts the Swamp tours on the outskirts that presents the opportunity to explore its unique environment. One can notice hanging Spanish moss over the dark still water while moving down the waterways that seamed with cypress trees. Presence of diverse fauna including a wide range of birds, reptiles, insects and amphibians enthrall the visitors. Presence of world-famous Creole cooking, a tasty mix of Portuguese, Native American, Spanish, Italian, French, and African cuisines brings authenticity to New Orleans. Gumbo; stuffed sandwiches of mayo and fried sea food, PO-boys; a seafood soup, oysters and beignets are some well-known delicacies served at New Orleans. The presence of melodious music push one to dance on the tunes and sink in the drinks served at the bars.