Mr Porter Latest Launches


MR PORTER launches modern vintage menswear brand BODE. NY-based designer Ms Emily Adams Bode sources fabrics from all over the world and uses them to handcraft unique pieces that tell a story. Her collections favor oversized proportions that are easy to tailor.

MR PORTER launches heritage homeware brand Pendleton. In the mid-19th century, Pendleton began weaving its now iconic blankets, decorating them with colorful Southwestern-inspired motifs. Today, it’s still family owned and utilizes the same heritage techniques and patterns.

MR PORTER launches landmark games from brand Skyline Chess. Founded by architects Messrs Chris Prosser and Ian Flood, Skyline Chess takes the world’s most recognizable skylines and transforms their iconic buildings into chess pieces. The MR PORTER offering includes the monuments of London, sky-scrapers of Manhattan or San Franciscan landmarks, all finely crafted from polished marble.