Milan does not have big tourist spots like Rome and Florence, however, the beautiful sights, environment, and day to day activity of city is sufficient to keep a person busy as well as in love with the place. There are various tourist spots which are recommended in the article, that a person should visit if he/she goes to Milan.

Duomo roof is a highly recommended place also considered as the centre for tourist activity in Milan. If a person wants to observe the beauty of the place it, is recommended that he/she should take the elevator for going to the roof and watching the interior work closely.

It is recommended to the tourists to do an Aperitivo crawl in Milan. Milan is also famous for various local signature dishes such as, Risotto Alla Milanese, and Ossobuco. However the best thing to do in Milan is to go on a dinner with friends, loved ones or colleagues. Milan provides best dining experience along with drinks and local dishes.

If a person is interested in painting and wants to see the rich culture of Milan, he should visit the Pinacoteca di Brerl. The place is not very big though it has a huge and excellent collection of Italian painting. The place has a collection of various masterpieces made by renowned artists, such as Tintoretto, Mantegna, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Raphael.

10 Corso Como is also an excellent place founded in Milan, in the year 1990, having a multifunctional concept dedicated to the culture of the place, music, fashion and design. The famous publisher CarlaSozzani is the founder of the place.