A majestic city, Marrakech with magnetic allure and full of adventurous draws people from all over the world. This beautiful coloured city offers distant landscape ranging from wide spread Sahara desert to snow- capped mountains makes visitors from the cosmopolitan traveller to hippie backpacker fall in love with the city. Reminding of the bohemian past and character of Medina are the local shops connected through the narrow intertwining passageways. Contrasting to this the recent modern architecture is displayed in the Gueliz, quarters, roof top restaurants to boutique hotels and grand branded stores. The ‘square’, famous by the name of Jeema El Fna souq is the right place to unveil the mouth watering delicacies. While the sun is on top the space is often empty preparing to provide an overwhelming experience to the foodies. The food stalls serves varieties ranging from traditional Moroccan cuisine fried fish, harira soup, orange juices to wonderful salads and falafels. The presence of chained Barbary apes, snake charmers and young dancing boys adds to the fun. The sun set is welcomed by mass of people engaged in evening walk and gander. Medina quarter the part of old city lies to the north of the square is the perfect place to shop with goodies, textiles and plenty of crafts. The landmark of the city, the gigantic Koutoubia Mosque exhibits the classic designs of Moroccan architecture. The hammams spread all over the city rejuvenates and relax body and mind by taking off the loads of day to day life. The red city offers all sought of entertainment, state of art music, belly dancing, bars, cosy environment with lanterns and candles that appeal tourists.