Marina Bay Sands is a magnificient structural hotel in Singapore and it is believed as one of the favouriate accommodation places for the tourists. The hotel was started in 2010 and it was built in $5.7 billion. The hotel has 2,561 rooms consisting of a museum, bars, restaurants and casinos. It has a shopping mall as well which is a place of all kinds of brands. The hotel provides the facility of pool on the 57th floor. People can watch the whole city from that place. The hotel’s pool is considered as the highest and the largest pool of the world as it is 150 meter long.

The hotel has a skypark which also has restaurants, gardens and nightclubs. The skypark is situated at the height of 200 meter and spread in the space of 12,400 square meter.

Different buildings of the hotel are adjoined which are namely Sando Expo, the casino of Marina Bay Sands, Convention Centre and Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. The casino of Marina Bay Sands is spread over the space of 15,000 square meters and has different kinds of game services. The casino has 600 gaming tables, two noodle bars, and Chinese restaurant as well.

There are different kinds of attraction of place at the hotel. One of them is the shopping mall which is spread into approximately 800,000 square feet of space comprising of restaurants as well. Besides, the shopping mall has a canal also which passes through different parts of the mall.