The hotel offers comfort and accessibility for the disabled guests. There are four rooms in the hotel offering special handles in the bathtub and are in a close proximity of the lifts. All the public areas are designed to be accessible and ease circulation for a disabled person.

The Classic rooms have a turn of the century interior, styled with late 19th century furniture and Acqua di Parma toiletries in the marble bathrooms. The Deluxe and Junior suites offer amenities, including a gym and an ultra-modern spa. However, it is best to occupy them on someone else’s account.

The restaurants cater to discerning palates of the guests with Hotel Principe di Savoia offering a gourmet fine-dining experience and Acanto, a five-star restaurant, offering impeccable cuisine of Chef Fabrizio Cadei.

The hotel is located in Piazza della Repubblica, which is the largest city-square and the heart of Milan. It also offers easy accessibility to all the parts of the city, including the tourist attractions and the famous shopping district.

The list of celebrities that have chosen The Principe as the destination for their stays in Italy is long. Some of the famous customers of the hotel include Edward VIII, The Aga Khan, Charlie Chaplin, Maria Callas, Josephine Baker, Erich Maria Remarque, Evita Peron, Aristotle Onassis. And the contemporary celebrity guests include George Cloooney, Madonna and David Beckham.