Goa is a state located in India, which is a country known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Goa has a fascinating and popular past according to which the place was originally inhabited by the Buddhists. By the end of the century, the Buddhists were followed by the British, who were later rehabilitated by Portuguese. However, in later years, Goa was rehabilitated by Indians who are now popularly known as Goans.

The capital city of Goa is Panji, and it is known to be the most happening city of Goa. Panji is also very popular amongst tourists and visitors across the globe. Moreover, Goa is also popular amongst tourists for its bustling narrow streets, antique shops, and its atmosphere. The people in Goa enjoy summers throughout the year with mild sunshine throughout the daytime and cool, breezy evenings and nights. Moreover, occasional summer showers often make the climate of Goa enjoyable.

The heritage of Goa consists of magnificent Temples, Churches, and Mosques that have beautiful architecture and are very well build. The heritage of Goa attracts lots of tourists every year. However, the long stretch of shacks consisting of bars, spas, and restaurants across various beaches in Panji is the biggest tourist attraction in Goa. The shacks are kept open all across the year, which makes Goa a perfect destination for relaxing during winter breaks and for travelling and exploring cultural heritage and artistic products.