Geneva is known as the most distinct city in the whole Europe, which is often recognized as Swiss capital. The people in this city are familiar with all the languages in the world, and they can also speak these languages. Geneva has the largest lake in Europe known as the Alpine lake. The city is most popular, as it houses more than 200 government, as well as non-government international organizations. It is considered as one of the best destinations in Europe because the rooms of hotels are filled up with elegance and provide dining of the exquisite cuisine. This boundless beautiful city has world’s tallest historical fountain, old town, and lakeside’s silky promenade. The top most exciting things to do in Geneva are as follows:

  • Gruyères is the place to visit at daytime, and they offer a variety of cheese and chocolates.

  • Visit Cathédrale St-Pierre

  • Enjoy the nightlife in Geneva; L’Adresse is an amazing rooftop place to visit

  • Explore Lake Geneva by taking the boat tour.