Every individual needs to follow a healthy and well-balanced diet in order to substantiate the factors of well-being. However, someone who exercises on a regular basis strictly needs to emphasize on a smart eating plan that can substantially justify the workout sessions and gym programs because the nutrient requirement of individuals highly varies due to their exercise schedules.


An adequate amount of carbohydrate is necessary for the body as it acts as a major source of fuel while exercising. In fact, 55-66% of the total calories are sourced from carbohydrates.

Sources: Cereals, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


Regular exercisers are recommended to gradually increase the consumption of lean protein either by 100 grams of lean meat or 1 scoop of whey protein because lack of protein content in the body can lead to muscle breakdown.

Sources: Turkey, chicken, roast beef and egg whites.


Regular exercising without proper fat intake may lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Not all fats present in fried and fatty foods are beneficial. Therefore, a considered intake of 20-30% of your total calorie from good fats should be addressed.

Sources: Avocados, vegetable oil, fish, seeds, nuts and olives.


This is very well known that an average human being should consume 6-8 glasses of water on regular basis. However, regular exercisers needs to consume even more water (up to 2 liters of water during exercise) to keep them hydrated. Vigorous and long duration training sessions should be complemented by sports drink, which constitutes carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Keep it noted to continue the consumption of sufficient calories whether you are loosing fat or gaining muscles and never rely independently on proteins for gaining muscle mass.