Four Seasons Bahrain Bay is an outstanding architectural marvel that took three years to complete. The huge building is the architecture glory and is the major center of attraction for the tourists. The tower is surrounded by lush greenery and blue water. The service quality of the hotel is excellent and attracts numerous tourists. Furthermore, thr grennary of olive tree is framing at every side of the entrance, fresh flowers, tall ceiling, and outstanding interior design differentiate it from the other luxurious hotels. The hotel was inaugurated on 19th March 2012 and significantly introduced as new beginning culinary recognition of Bahrain. The hotel provides the luxurious services to its guests including Italian and Continental cuisines. The celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck introduced various dishes of Asian cuisine in the hotel. The interior decoration of the hotel is luxurious.

The hotel rooms are decorated in a magnificent manner, and high quality of services is provided to the guests. Furthermore, the other qualities of the hotel are the color pallet of the room inspired by the colors of the sea in Bahrain, as well as the white marble floors and the hardwood walls influence the tourists to stay at the hotel for longer duration of time. Thus, these facilities and ambiance assure the most comfortable, luxurious, remarkable as well as enjoyable stay in Bahrain. Moreover, the other qualities and excellent features of the hotel are that it provides landmark skyscraper, which further includes 273 rooms and suites for the guests, an incredible spa services, fitness facility including gyms, 5 extravagant swimming areas, and a wide variety of international cuisines which further includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, and candle light dinner options for the tourists.