The Pantry

The pantry is a restaurant with yellow light bulbs spread throughout the ceiling area. The walls of the restaurant are covered with textures mimicking Milanese villas. The seats are well divided, but the ceiling top has exposed pipelines. The description of the place makes it sound like a rugged place but have spacious sitting arrangements, and the tasty food and bakery items offered by the restaurant makes it a desirable place to visit. On entering the restaurant, the people can notice a dessert cooler for the purpose of holding munchies and cakes that restaurant offers to its customers after their meal. The bakery items in the restaurant are ordered from Hey Sugar bakery and are not restaurant’s original offerings. On the opposite side of the walls with textures, there are shelves to hold novelty and cooking utensils that are used as kitchen essentials.

The restaurant is very popular amongst people as it offers completely organic items in their menu. The restaurant offers a huge range and varieties of tea and coffee along with fresh Burrata flown from Italy. Their coffee has an aromatic flavour and is specially ordered from Bolivia, whereas the other varieties of tea they serve come from Mighty Leaf tea company of USA.

Furthermore, the place is very popular amongst youth, as it offers special oven pizza baked by an Italian chef. Overall, the pantry has a very homely environment, numerous varieties of food and beverages and all at affordable prices, which make customers visit again and again.