Sushi Counter

Sushi Counter is a restaurant that is known for its fantastic taste, good quality service, and fast home delivery. Sushi Counter has two branches and both the branches are dedicated to serving sushi with unmatched freshness. In one of the branches of Sushi Counter, present on Sheikh Zayed road, customers are guided, seated, and welcomed instantly by the members of the restaurant even during weekends and evening time when the restaurant has to handle bustling and jolting customers.

The ambiance of the place is very authentic and aesthetic, and interior of the restaurant is made using the Boho-chic wood, which represents the message of freshness to the customers. The atmosphere of the place is very sophisticated, and it has very spacious and relaxing sitting arrangements. Sushi Counter has very upbeat and alluring environment during daytime and people can experience calm vibes during the evening.

Sushi Counter is known for serving dishes, such as soups and salads with a twist of sushi flavours and in other classical dishes. The primary ingredients, quinoa, used by the restaurant are very healthy, and the restaurant believes in preparing dishes with fresh ingredients. The use of fresh ingredients and healthy salts makes eating a healthy experience for customers of Sushi Counter.

Moreover, Sushi Counter offers different categories of Japanese meals, such as hand rolls, Sashimis, Chirashi, and Mochi ice cream to enhance and introduce people to Japanese delicacy and healthy food.