The walk to the new Dubai city is the place to stay this winter. In this weather, a ride to the inland sea, restaurants and an artery of regular stores is the thing which is mostly required in this weather. The location of such place is denoted on the map and the best feature to be noticed out there is the combination of dining hangout places. Mo’s is an American style restaurant which creates excitement among the visitors which is located on the seashore. This site brings the attention of the gang of people to have shakes and burgers over there. The menu of the hotel is designed in such a way that it has included the twist on American favourite adapted with the mid-eastern couches. The ambience of the restaurant is gracefully designed in a manner that it combine retro with the casual theme on the ceiling, fancy bottles of milk and bar seats. The highlight of the restaurant are the Asian and Mexican picks where, burger, shakes and fries are the standard part. The Chinese salad served by the restaurant help you to spare a day away from the exercises and simultaneously makes the person happy and excited. As the salad is a formed by the mixture of cashews, fruits, veggies and crunch and the stuffing is made in such a way that it looks delicious. In a variety of cocktails, the restaurant provides several options such as quesadillas, wraps and the buffalo wings. The restaurant also delivers the brownies, Sunday Mo’s banana divided challenge and shakes as a dessert, which is served after the dinner to please the customers. To choose one from the long list of shakes may be proved as a task.