Hakkasan Dubai is the famous restaurant in Dubai which is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary in the most attractive way to the inauguration of dining with the stars. It is a unique opportunity for the guest to have dinner and interaction with the two famous chefs of the restaurant that is Michelin-Starred chefs. Chef Ho Chee Boon is the international development chef who belongs to the US and chef Graham Hornigold who belong to the UK. During the Visit of Dubai, AMDmode got a chance to conduct an interview with both the chefs.

The Chef has started his career as the chef by working in the kitchen since he was 13 years old. Chef Ho Chee Boon have been Woking with Hakkasan from a very long time. Working for the Hakkasan restaurant has given him a chance to spread the Chinese cuisine all over the world from middle East to Europe and now the cuisine is introduced in New York as well. The Dubai branch of Hakkasan restaurant is chef’s favorite as it has beautiful and fine dining. The chef is happy that his cuisine is served all over the world. Both the chefs have acquired the art of cooking from their masters. Their masters have taught them to cook in the right manner. A person can only learn to cook in a right manner if he pays proper attention. The chef is Woking for the seven-course meal for Hakkasan restaurant, which will give an ultimate experience of food yo the customers. The chef is really excited about the seven-course meal as it is a new concept for the restaurant.