Dublin is the island that showcases the historical richness, mythological distinctions and lush geological landscapes. The flowing rivers, popular folklore, low-laying mountains, and emerald green plains makes the third largest island in Europe favorite among the island lovers.

The country’s rich and diverse culture has influenced the literature of other cultures which the Irish are proud off. The feeling of patriotism is evident among the residents of Dublin the most populated city on the East coast of Ireland.

Dublin is quaint and dynamic in nature that presents the elegant blend of the old and new. The historic sites of churches, townhouses, cathedrals, castles, Georgian squares, and monuments reminds of the Dublin’s traditional culture. St. Patrick’s cathedral displays the beautiful highlights of the medieval architecture with intricate tiled floors. The visit to the Trinity Library section of the Old Library is a wow moment for the book lovers as it is loaded with sheer number of books.

Shopping freaks must wander to Loft Market located near to trendy Temple Bar that caters to trendsetter and fashion enthusiasts. The shops present a wide range of clothing, sought after vintage gems and accessories. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated as one of the annual festivals and is a public holiday all over the country. Dubliner’s excitement is evident through their attire in green, flags designed on arms, faces and various parts of body. The center of attraction are the walking tours, live art performances, world class streets, carnivals, craft beer, food markets, and treasure hunt accompanied with a large parade through the streets of the city.