Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, famous for having a large number of restaurants and hangout places attracting teens, as well as adults. All these places have a great ambiance and play different genres of music such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, Oriental and Blues allowing people to have fun and a quality time during their visit.

While traveling to Beirut, a person should visit the famous tourist destination points, such as sunset at Pigeon Rocks, Sidon, Cedars, a day trip to Baalbeck, Downtown redevelopment and excavations, and Byblos.

The climatic condition of Beirut is hot and humid during the months of May to November. The temperature of the place stays between 85 F to 95 F or 30ºC to 35ºC, though it might rise high up to 105 F or 41º C. The winter season arises between the months of December and April, and it is necessary to wear a jacket or sweater. It does not snow in Beirut. The best time to visit Beirut is considered to be between the months of May and June, or November and December. During these months the weather conditions are suitable for traveling purpose.

Beirut provides a great atmosphere and relaxing environment which soothes mind and body of a person. Beirut exhibits a rich culture and tradition, making it the best place for sightseeing, helping in absorbing the culture, and religion of different people. Corniche is the best place for the purpose of sightseeing, providing an excellent view of the coast. During the festival time people of all ages can be found gathering at public spaces wearing various forms of dresses, and marching, eating and enjoying.