“Flying Cars” To Be Launched in Dubai!

Dubai is all set to launch the driverless flying cars within the next coming months, The Emirate’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) declares that it will be counted as another ‘World’s First’ for the Kingdom. The RTA in association with Ehang 184, a Chinese firm, has conducted the first test run for an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) that is capable of carrying an individual.

This action will develop the integration between the modes of public transportation and their contentment all the way through the provision of swift, quick and, ground-breaking mobility. The Autonomous Aerial Vehicle is installed with the indispensable system, all in function at the same time, although operating independently. The standby system will control the AAV in case of any malfunction and securely steer the AAV to the planned landing point. The AAV vehicle has no key internal combustion engine, it rather has a touch screen where the passenger can type in their desired destination. The AAV vehicle is auto-piloted and the ride is monitored via command centre.

The AAV is set to take off for a maximum of 30 minutes at the speed of 160 Kph. Also, the descending/ascending speed is 6 m/s and landing speed is 4 m/s. The length of AAV is 3.9 meters, 4.m wide, and 1.6 high. Its weight is 250 Kg when it is empty and 360 Kg with passenger(s). The highest cruising height range is 3,000 feet and the charging time for battery of the vehicle is around one to two hours. It is intended to function under all weather conditions, excluding thunderstorms. The AAV is a highly developed and innovative vehicle which has attentive and deliberate sensors with a minimum error threshold, and can withstand the vibrations and temperature fluctuations. Also, the 4G data network has been used to establish the communication between the AAV and ground control centre.

The invention of the AAV has marked a big step towards pioneering and innovative mobility solutions intended to reduce the traffic congestion found on streets noawadays. This is the chance for the Residents of Dubai to thump the traffic jams in flying cars!

The flying car is absolutely safe. This particular motor vehicle has fool-proof security mechanisms and is designed with full redundancy. A fail-safe structure implants the flying car, and if any one of the machinery malfunctions or cuts off, the car will instantly land in the nearby area to ensure safety and wellbeing. Riding in this driverless car is also absolutely fuss-free. It takes one single click for it to take off and land. The command centre that it is linked to it, will disallow it to take off during bad weather circumstances (which is unlike the commercial flights that you most frequently fly in).

How will the flying car be used on a daily basis? That is the question. We shall certainly start adapting to the rapidly changing technologies and advancements that we’re facing!