Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a famous destination or city of Argentina, and it is also known as Silver Queen of Argentina. This city follows a culture of art, music and fabulous nightlife; and it is the reason for increasing tourism in the city. The city is a hub of varied cultures, but it also displays its specialty in cultures such as tango districts, the Portenos (local inhabitants of Argentina) and big bus tours around the city. The city is full of museums, heritages, folk music and dance. Along with Buenos Aires, La Boca is a district of Argentina which is also regarded as one of the major tourist destination; however, it is different from Buenos Aires as it displays colored hues in the form of urban scenery. The restaurants of La Boca serves excellent kinds of seafood in their local flavors one more famous site of this district is the exhibition of the wax museums such as Proa Foundation and Musco de Cera. One of the most popular attractions of Buenos Aires is Feurza Bruta which is a musical theater with dinner. People like to visit this place the most because it is often termed as the magical night where people feel like they are living their dreams. Besides this, people who like opera can visit Teatro Colon, that is a renovated theater best known for displaying opera music. Another specialty of Buenos Aires is tango dance form, and people usually give a try to this dance form which is similar to salsa and also enjoys football at futbol Amigos.