BMW Group Announces the Launch of the Hottest 2018 BMW 2 Series Convertible and Coupe

BMW’s newest series has been upgraded with multiple fresh features, which gives the award-winning opulence coup a spanking new personality for 2018. Since its first debut in the year 2014, the compact series of the car has been intriguing the car lovers. Now, the 2 Series acquires a fresh look and additional tech for the buyers to have fun with and explore more, and BMW vows that the gutsy little extravagant car will encompass much more character this time. The BMWs have always been optimized to enhance the driving experience, and the Germans have already said that this new series will offer more than just a driving experience. It is because, this time, they have upgraded every little feature – from the drivetrain to the instrumental panel, and the list of the new features added does not have a limit!

Famous for embracing BMWs conventional driving characteristics, the BMW 2 Series features the newest generation of the BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-Cylinderinline engines, which are paired with the particularly tuned chassis and suspension.

In the year 2014, the BMW 2 Series Coupe was introduced in the US as the 228i and M235i replica variants. The BMW Coupe is a two-door body accompanied with classical three-design box, along with four seats as well as the rear-wheel drive which is 174. 7inch long. The car also has the trunk competence of 13.8 cubic feet.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible:

Merging the driving dynamics of the coupe with the choice of open-air delight, the BMW 2 Series Convertible will be obtainable as the 230i and M240i replicas, which will also include BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive structure.

The exterior of the 2 Series has been given a sportier outlook in general, and are now stocked with the BMW’s LED headlights. There are also three new options for the BMW exterior paint: two shades of the metallic blues and that of the darker orange. Whereas the interiors of the 2 Series have been redesigned for enhanced cabin spaces, BMW is proud of their latest instrumental panel that permits more space as compared to the models launched formerly. The car owners will also have access to the upgraded infotainment system along with better smart-phone integration.

The variants will certainly feature turbocharged motors, 4 cylinders for 230i and 6 for M240i. The models will come along with BMW’s sophisticated AWDxDrive System to ensure a better handling and grip, irrespective of the car you choose.

BMW’s latest M2 also features certain upgrades which are similar to that of the regular 2 Series. Such advancements include: the power boost, committed launch control, and the elective dual clutch conduction.

The compact series has now established itself as one of the greatest options for the buyers interested in the Beemers. BMW’s latest advancements and developments have also given the Beemer lovers a lot to think about and admire when considering a purchase.