The inspiration for the Ahdaaf Sports Club was derived from the experience of the club’s partners. The partners have observed that there was a gap developed in the sports market of the UAE. The partners analyzed that the sports market of the UAE failed to provide a good playing facility to the players, which is supposed to be safe and secure during the summer season.

The sports club (Ahdaaf) is continuously working to expand its business and provide better services to its customers by implementing innovative ideas. The culture of continuous innovation and change management plays a significant role in the success of the club as per the perspective of the club’s partners.

The success factor behind the club’s excellent performance and achievements are dedication, hard work and quality service provided to the customer. The club has adopted the policy of flexibility in order to satisfy its customers, by welcoming new and innovative ideas and implementing them.

To establish the Ahdaaf club, at the initial stage the partners invested a significant amount of capital and took a loan from the bank. As per the statement of the partners of the club, the revenues generated by the company was utilized for expanding the business. The formula of success of Ahdaaf club is to keep the company’s goal in mind, aligning with the club’s vision with the help of strategic planning, and determination.

The club is looking forward to expand its business in Africa, Asia, and Europe in the next 5 to 10 years. Yousuf advices all the entrepreneurs to stay focused, open for the new idea and motivated, resulting in making an innovative business plan for achieving future success.