Atlantis Paradise Island is a paradise, as it helps you discover some breathtaking, mesmerizing, unforgettable, and unimaginable memories. It is themed after a mythical lost city, and this hotel is a stunning place to be. Atlantis assures tourists an all-inclusive range of experiences, dazzling luxuries, and marvels while sitting and relaxing in the heart of Atlantis that is Paradise Island. The Atlantis in the Bahamas offers various activities, such as fantastic concerts and astonishing events, spas to calm and provide relaxation to people, and hence, is a must stay while in the Bahamas. Atlantis is a place for any food lover and is a place where two places namely, The Bahamas and Southern Italy meet at the Casa De Angelo. This place offers the best and worldly temptations at the marketplace and combines flawlessly old traditions with the regional delicacies. The most famous of all the restaurants includes Seafire Steakhouse, Olives, and Infamous Nobu. The rooms are marvelous and reflect the minor details of its architecture.

There are three towers that offer different and enchanting experiences. The towers are, The Royal Tower that is the most premium and luxurious suites and also provides a breathtaking view of pools, oceans, terraces, and harbors. The second tower is The Coral Tower, and is situated near to the shops, restaurants, and entertainments. Lastly, there is The Beach Tower, which is near to Atlantis beach and the rooms offered are priced nominally along with comfort. There are two more places available that are, Harborside Resort and Reef Atlantis.