Alta Bay Hotel

Alta Bay Hotel is famous for its unique infrastructure and design. The hotel is situated on the high slopes of the mountain in Cape Town, South Africa and it is also famous for its view sight. The hotel is provided various facilities to the guests who are arriving there. The hotel is categorised into three different types of rooms which are further distributed as two stories or three story loft. The hotel is perfect staying place for the couples and families. The hotel is situated on the riverside so that tourists can enjoy the entire panoramic view of the whole city. Along with it, tourist can enjoy the garden view as well as can enjoy the mountain view.

The interior decoration of all the rooms is similar. All the rooms provide the natural scene sighting for the tourists. Every room is consist of the private terrace as well as dining arena. In addition to this, the other facilities provided by the Alta Bay hotel are laundry facilities, plunge pools, spa facilities as well as gaming facilities. The hotel also facilitates the guests with the complimentary French breakfast. Furthermore, the hotel is facilitated by 30 restaurants in order to provide their luxurious services to the guests. A coffee shop is 24 hours open on the hotel premises. A large number of tourists are frequently visited this place in order to spend the quality time with their family and friends every year. This hotel further expands their new chains in the various cities of South Africa.