1888 Hotel Sydney

1888 Hotel Sydney is a famous hotel with fusing historical charm and modernity having added contribution of social media to its growth and development, 1888 Hotel Sydney boutique hotel successfully developed itself as a single spot for eating, bar, event organising and it is also known as the world’s first “Instagram Hotel.” This socially stable and effectively designed hotel recently had reconstruction and improvement process to manage the attractiveness in its construction. 1888 Hotel Sydney has implemented new edge design features such as Smart TVs, which are equipped with media hubs and it also has in-room iPads and wifi facilities to attract and retain customers. The hotel had able to take stand against the old interior design concepts such exposed brick walls, the original iron beams and high ceilings and opted for new technologies for performing the construction work. Additionally, the hotel has implemented a social media angle in its working style to attract the customers through the interacting with them on social media channels.

The hotel now has the inclusion of a ‘selfie’ space which is developed in the lobby area where guests are permitted to take selfies within the frame constructed for this fun purpose and suspended from the ceiling. The hotel also offers for the Instagram users who have more than 10,000 followers on their profiles as they are eligible for winning a free night tacked on stay in the hotel. Apart from this, 1888 Hotel Sydney is linked with a local blogger to make a 45- minute path near to the harbour that allow the tourists to click photos for Instagram.