Pharrell Williams for Chanel

Photo Courtesy: Chanel
Photo Courtesy: Chanel

Who is Gabrielle? Karl Lagerfeld has conceived a campaign in four parts, based around four muses for the launch of his new bag dedicated to the founder of the House.

Pharrell Williams talks more about the campaign, the bag and his Experience.

What do you carry in your CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag?
I usually keep my phone and headphones in my pants pocket — and add the CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag to carry my other essentials : aux cord, strawberry mints, a book, hand sanitizer and scarf.

How do you like to wear your CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag? Which is your favorite way?

I have the larger style and it’s great for travel. I wear it across the body, low slung like a messenger. I can be hands free with easy access to the things I need.

Can you describe the CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag in 3 words?
Thoughtfully crafted, timeless.

What moment did you like best when shooting the campaign? How was it to shoot with Karl Lagerfeld?

I love working with Karl, he was the best part of the campaign. He has a clear vision and sees it through — he’s a master and I love to see his work process.

Allure has always been essential for Gabrielle Chanel and CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag is all about allure as well, how would you describe your allure?
It’s not quite my allure, but the allure of who I am communicating to. I like to hold up the mirror — it’s the reflection that counts.

What makes your CHANEL’s GABRIELLE bag unique?
You make it your own, over time and wear, the leather has shaped to my body — it sits like it was made for me.