ASmallWorld is the invitation on the social. ASmallWorld was re-launched in spring 2013 in which the member of lifestyle and travel are clubbed together to form a membership of people around 250,000 members. AMDmode had decided to have a word with Patrick Liotard to understand the reason for making the website unique and exclusive. Patrick is an online entrepreneur who is currently located in Zurich. Patrick has brought many German and Swiss social networking for its membere. In the year of 2008, Patrick became the majority shareholder of ASmallWorld by acquiring shares, as well as became the chairperson of the company. Patrick brought many innovation and invention for the community of travel and lifestyle to raise international living. There are many innovations that have been brought to ASmallWorld, of which turning of advertising to subscription is the newest innovation. Patrick further stated in his interview to AMDmode that ASmallWorld does not deal with the quantity, rather it focuses on the quality, which is why they have limited number of members that are chosen with due care. There are no particular criteria marked by ASmallWorldfor selecting members who register themselves with ASmallWorld. The company look for the social media platform, wherein the company avoids setting a priority for an active member of social networking. The company is also planning to launch a smartphone application soon for the convenience of the members, which will be announced accordingly.