Leading Men: Ayman Fakoussa & Dipesh Depala of the Qode

Dipesh Depala and I, Ayman Fakoussa came up with the idea of launching The Quad when we were working as regional marketing manager and PR manager in Villa Moda. Due to economic crises in Villa Moda, I observed PR as a tool to increase the income in the recessionary environment to promote the brand. I was not in a mood to do it alone, so I approached Dipesh Depala, who was performing similar activities for Ayesha Depala and other luxury brand. Now, we have made new offices and the whole team working with us is very happy, and we are also looking for new opportunities to develop the business.

It was not easy to develop this business, but our supportive helped us in going through all the tough situations. Positive feedbacks from the people helped us in developing the business. Th people from the journalist background can be benefited in the PR business. The key factor to get successful in PR business is the knowledge of media. The first rule of good PR is to have an effective strategy in order to use only the relevant information of brand in the media, and the brands are getting required PR information with the help of marketing mix strategy. We have made a lot of friends in this business who helped us in building a strong relationship with the VIPs.