Jorge Viladoms

Born in Durango in 1985, Jorge Viladoms gained his International Baccalaureate in Puebla, Mexico. He started to play the piano when he was 15, taking private lessons with Maria Luisa Paya in the same town.

We had the Chance to sit with Jorge during Venice Film festival and  get to know him more and his relationship with JaegerLeCoultre.

Tell me more about yourself. Who you are and what you do.

I’m a pianist, everything started with the Piano. I started to play the piano when i was 15. I started to play because my father died when i was 14 and i needed to find a way to express all the feeling i had inside me. Piano gave me all of this, it was the answer to all the sorrow and the gap i had in my life. Playing piano really changed my life completely, that all took place in Mexico. After that i moved to switzerland to obtain a master’s degree and i realized that one of my passion is teaching, so currently i’m teaching at the Lausanne Conservatory in Switzerland. After that i created a foundation.

Tell us more about your foundation.

The Foundation is called Crescendo con la Musica, we help kids in Mexico, we have now 260 Kids in Mexico, we teach them to play classic music and show them how music can empower their lives. Music breaks all barriers whether is social, economical or political.

Working with these kids, do you think you have a mission to have music talents between them?

Yes and no, if there is a talent then we support them 100% if not then our support goes to different aspects of their lives. Something else we offer is scholarship for young individuals that want to start their career. In addition to that we have a project in Kenya to build a cultural center that live there. Everything is related to music, when i was 20 years old i had this need to help in Mexico, since im from there, i can’t see and bare seeing kids suffering in their lives.

Your point on the link between Music and Film.

Let’s start by saying a film with no music, is just so weird. Imagine you’re watching a movie with music. You notice now that people are really considered with the soundtracks of each movie they watch. The music in the film can add a great value to the movie, making it or breaking it.

Have you ever been involved in a music for a movie.

I’ve been asked to compose music for certain movies, and i don’t compose, but what i do is i interpret the music of other composers.

Tell us more about your relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre.

I became the friend of the brand in March, I have loved watchmaking since i arrived to Switzerland. Living in switzerland you see watches everywhere and really beautiful creations.

I visited once Baselworld with a mexican friends, i was 18 – 19 and my friend was explaining the differences between the watches and he had the Jaeger-LeCoultre, and he precisely said, if you want a good watch, that a good watch to own. So i started knowing the brand since then. I was approached by them when i was performing in Mexico and i was invited to the manufacturer, i was enchanted there and the word that i sum up my visit to the manufacture was Passion. Everyone there was passion about what they do, you find people who just joined working with people who’s been there for more than 30 years, it’s impressive.

How important do you think the partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre and The world of Film

I think it gives a great image for both. Everything is very classy and well done, whether its film or watchmaking, both are art. That what i love about Jaeger, they focus on one thing and they master it. The concept of music is very important, the components of the piano is very similar to the components of a watch.

What next for you.

I will be having a lineup of concerts between the states and europe, in addition to that i have a visit to Mexico to train kids and teacher.

Have you ever been to the Middle East.

I’ve never been, and i heard about the opening of Dubai Opera recently, so i would love to visit and play there.

Quick Question

1- Originally From : Mexico

2- Based in: Switzerland

3- Favorite Gadget: Phone

4- Favorite Holiday Destination: London

5- Favorite Sport: Soccer

6- Hidden Talent: Photography

7- Biggest Fear: Let Down people I’m helping

8- Thing you need on a desert Island: Music

9- Can’t live without: Piano

10- Im 10 years i will: Be doing the Same thing I’m Doing now, but Bigger