Jorge who is also known as the ”popmaster Fabel”was born and brought up in Spanish Harlem in New York City. Fabel had started his career in Dance and Choreography with clubs of the city. Besides his interest in dancing and choreography, Fabel is the founder of getting original production, inc. Fable has also co-directed and co-choreographed the very first musicals. Fabel was also nominated for the best choreographer in 1996 in the drama desk award. AMDmode had a little conversation with Fable regarding the calibration of Ckone by Calvin Kelin. During the interview, Fabel has given a brief history of graffiti in which he explained that the origin of graffiti is a topic of debate since decades as it is related to the urban culture and hip hop. Graffiti writer makes graffiti in the public places for different reasons. Some of the graffiti writes their name to be everywhere for glory while other do it to make the certain public announcement. Fable stated that the art of stylised letters will always be relevant just like the paintings made by great artists. Fabel takes graffiti as a very competitive form of artwork which allows expansion of many new endless possibilities. Fabel expressed in his interview that graffiti powerful art which allows the artist to express his inner emotions in the form of colors and bold letters. Artist cry, laugh, embrace and escape with their art as it is the language of the present youth to express their feelings.