What do you think is your most significant achievement?

Since the beginning of my career, I have been a part of the kitchen in four restaurants in New York City; however, I never expected to own one. I must state that owning a restaurant in New York is the achievement that I am most proud of.

How do you manage business activities and culinary aspects of the restaurant simultaneously?

I allocate 25% of my time to the business management aspect of the restaurant; whereas the remainder of my time is devoted to the culinary work and kitchen management. I spend two hours every day at the office in New York City. I, however, do not manage all the managerial aspects single-handedly, as I have a team of efficient professionals managing the ground work, while I supervise then constantly.

What persuaded you to open a new restaurant in New York City on the vegan concept?

The ABC kitchen boasts of various green dishes comprising salads and other vegetable based dishes. Of late, as I have noticed, a high percentage of restaurant goers are inclined towards the consumption of vegan food. Since the demand of vegan food is growing, we decided to explore it and serve vegetarian dishes at our restaurant.

How different is operating a vegan restaurant in comparison to a traditional restaurant?

There are significant differences between operational activities of a vegan restaurant and a traditional restaurant. It is, however, essential to note that the vegetarian food tastes good. We cannot simply steam the vegetables, add salt, and serve them to the customers. I had help from two nutritionists that enabled me to balance the menu at ABC.