Fred Perry and The Art Comes First

Fred Perry had teamed up with the two tailors Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First for a special collaboration to bring their talents in tailoring into the classics of Fred Perry.

Sam and Shaka visited Dubai During Sole DXB and we had the chance to talk about the collaboration, Dubai and some more details never revealed about them.

Tell us more About yourselves.

I’m Shaka and I’m half of Art Comes First, I mainly take care of digital side of things.
I’m Sam and I’m the other half of Art Comes First, I’m a tailor, I’m on the craft tailoring side of things. We can describe ourselves as black Gypsies mix of everything in one. As a company, we do consultancy for different brands.

Tell us about the collaboration with Fred Perry.

It came through Japan. We took part of an exhibition, so the Fred Perry Japanese team noticed us and they communicated with the team in London to approach us for the collaboration.

How much would a collaboration like this add to your portfolio.

I think for us its more of a marriage, whatever we do we always have our signature touch. Part of the good thing as well is that Fred Perry is a sub cultural brand we just brought the modern day to that touch. People know the old-school Fred Perry, we bought the modernity aspect. We believe we add value to each other point of view we brought a lot to each other.

Can you share with us the design process of the collection?

We normally have a technique that we use called digital project, it’s a mix and match, we mix different cultures together that represent the aesthetic. We receive pieces from Fred Perry and we immediately start working on them, we don’t sketch or draw, we deconstruct existing pieces we cut them we play around with them to bring them to nowadays point of view.

Is it your first time visiting Dubai and was it up to your expectations?

It’s our first time in Dubai, we weren’t expecting this, but it rings a bell about lot of places we’ve been to. It’s a mix of all our favorite cities. Its part that gives you the Hong Kong Vibe and a part that is like Las Vegas then you see parts that reminds you of North Africa, it’s a great mix and we love when there is a mix it’s like our identity.

What’s your thoughts on Sole DXB?

It’s quite interesting, for us coming from London, we are impressed with the amount of the UK presence here, from Street style to designers to press, we know most of the people present here from London. It’s pretty much like home to us. It’s a great place to check this kind of culture, from a normal person to a buyer or a retailer.

What’s next between Art Comes First and Fred Perry?

The summer Collection is coming soon, Spring Summer 2017. We are adding few more elements we are adding some accessories as well to it. We are expanding the collection to America, even with the Look book we will be shooting in in Jamaica, and we have an exclusive look book shoot for the Japanese Market. The collection itself looks much bigger and more interesting.

Quick Questions Shaka Maidoh
Originally from Ghana
Currently based in London
Favorite gadget iPhone
Favorite holiday destination Senegal
Favorite sport Swimming
Hidden talent Music Production
Biggest fear Not knowing what my biggest fear is
Things I need on a desert island Water
I can’t live without People
In 20 years, I will Have a Family and Art Comes First Becomes Bigger than Us

Quick Questions  Sam Lambert
Originally from Angola
Currently based in Paris
Favorite gadget Key Holders
Favorite holiday destination South Africa
Favorite sport Skate Boarding
Hidden talent Football
Biggest fear Losing My Mind
Things I need on a desert island Ginger Tea
I can’t live without Myself
In 20 years, I will I will be back In Africa