Exclusive Interview with Isabel Marant Pour H&M

H&M has recently collaborated with the designer Isabel Marant. Interaction with Isabel Marant, and creative director of H&M, Margareta Van den Bosch, reveals exclusive facts behind this collaboration.

Isabel Marant

Was the transition from the women’s clothing to men’s fashion easy?

Me being a tomboy really helped me in this transition, making the process very easy. I have been featuring masculine designs in my previous collections, which helped me in maintaining the spirit.

How did Isabel Marant man originate?

Isabel Marant is very similar to Isabel Marant, preferring effortless clothing reflecting his attitude. I believe that fashion trends need to be realistic and usually test the creations myself. My family’s feedback has been fundamental for the development of this collection.

Are you planning to release a full men’s collection?

No. My other collections, specifically IM and Etoile, consume a significant amount of my time. This will not allow me to devote sufficient time to the men’s collection presently.

How do you feel the Middle Eastern men will react to your collection?

They recognize me as a women’s designer, but I hope they will be excited. I have been getting requests to design men’s clothing for a while. I think the men will enjoy this special Marant collection.

Can you define a well-dressed man?

In my opinion, effortlessness is the key while dressing properly, in both formal and informal settings.

Margareta Van den Bosch

What motivated the collaboration with Isabel Marant?

Her designs reflect a boho/rock vibe and are easy to carry.We believe that our customers will appreciate her work because of the spirit and the ability to address their requirements.

Did you propose the introduction of men’s collection in H&M?

Yes, because we felt that it would complement our operation. We are glad to have Isabel on the team, creating a special collection for H&M.

What value will this collaboration add to H&M?

This collaboration will introduce an urban Parisian vibe to H&M collection, making it trans-generational.

What is your favorite men’s trend this season?

Although H&M caters to everybody’s needs, I like the nouveau grungy trend getting attention recently.

What collaborations is H&M planning next?

We do not have any plans. We attempt to keep up with the fashions trending at the moment.