The Internet has emerged as the useful source of information for many people. While the internet is the platform to share the information and the company has witnessed that the internet is used by many people to build a professional brand. Working as the talent head of the LinkedIn, Ali Atar was able to manage the talent in the MENA region by helping the quality professional. Ali Matar joined the Linkedin through LinkedIn. The hiring in the company is done with the websites only whether the candidate is passive or active in search of the job. He further remarked that by making profile on the website, the team got an idea about his capabilities skill and experience. Ali Matar stated that the biggest reason to achieve success in any field is to stay open for the new learning and experiences. A person who wants to attain a success in his life must not let go any of the opportunity that comes his way.

Ali Matar Further stated that a person should make his Linkedin profile attractive by choosing a professional photograph for his profile. The headline of the profile should be kept brief and attractive so that it impress the recruiters. A person should ask fro the recommendation from the employee he has worked with. Ali Matar has advised that networking is very important and that is why a person has to has to mark their presence on Linkedin, it will allow him to share relationship and knowledge with the other people.