It’s an overwhelming task for men to chose a suitable sunblock with SPF and UVA/UVB ratings

For starters, Sunscreen and sunblock are available in varied textures, which assure moisturized skin to those who don’t use moisturizers. As sunblock is thick, it ensues better protection from UVA/UVB rays. The amount along with the way in which product must be applied depends on the brand and dermatologist. The golden rule of applying sunblock at the time of strongest hours that is in between 12 noon to 3pm is to apply a coat whereas if in that duration chances of direct contact with sunlight are more then the sunblock must be applied twice as it is recommended for the peak hours. In this respect it is recommended to apply the sunblock thoroughly but assure that it is not applied too generously or in excess as they may look to be disappeared but are formulated to penetrate into the skin immediately. Thus it is advised not to use excess of the product at one time instead it is advised to re-apply after a short while.