Vintage. Bold. Audacious. Any of these adjectives can be used to define modern pompadour. Once this look used to be considered as the retro has now becoming the trend in full throttle. Once this look was introduced by Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s mistress back in 1700 is now becoming most favorite hairdo of the gentleman of 21st century. Moreover, the look was reintroduced in the 1950’s by Elvis Presley and gave this style a new definition with his rock ‘n’ roll personality. This style is suitable for all the men across the committee and as this style provide many substitutes it is appropriate for every hair type and face shape as well as fit for workplace.

The favourable factors of this style that attracts more men to adopt this style is its edgy look in less time and versatility. The focus of this hairstyle to maintain short and sharp look on the sides of the head is to allow the length at the top of the head to look more bouncy and full of volume. For the depiction of modern look it is required to maintain the sides short and fine to grade one. Clip the hair high on the head curve so that the longer portion of the hair overcast and get lower than the crown.

vWhile using this style for a round face, the length of the face can be enhanced by trimming and tightening the hair from sides and ensuring the long length of the top hair and the opposite applies for the long face.