Superstitious Alber Elbaz by Frederic Malle


A new creation combines two iconic pioneers in the world of fashion and the world of perfume. ISuperstitious Alber Elbaz by Frederic Malle a perfume crafted from the most luxurious of raw materials: essence of Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine, velvety peach and apricot skin, labdanum resinoud, sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, musk. Considered as an abstract piece of art, Superstitious is infinitely deep and endlessly enhancing.  In it lies the reflection of a woman’s own complexity. Of her mystery.

“If we were to create a fragrance together, we said, it would possess this mysterious element. Like a book open to interpretation, it would let the imagination run free. And like Alber’s own fashion designs, it would empower whomever wore it, leaving an indelible trace long after it passed. Almost immediately we knew if we were to create such a scent, it would bear the name Superstitious. And that is how it began.” Frederic Malle