The next Generation of Men’s Skincare comes in the form of Luna 2 by Foreo.

How does it work

With Up to 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations are channeled through the LUNA™ 2 for MEN’s silicone touch-points per minute for a deep cleanse that is far more effective than using hands alone. This gently removes accumulations of dead skin cells along with 99.5% of dirt and oil*, leaving the face perfectly prepped for a closer, smoother and more comfortable shave while preventing the chances of razor burn and other irritations.

Why choose silicon brush?

The soft, rounded touch-points of smooth silicone offers a gentler, more pleasant alternative to the sharper bristles of a nylon brush, which sometimes feels like you are wet-sanding your face. What’s more, because silicone is nonporous – unlike fibrous brushes – it doesn’t absorb dirt or harbor bacteria, making it up to 35X more hygienic than facial-cleansing brushes with bristles **. The LUNA™ 2 for MEN’s brush head is also so durable, it doesn’t need replacing during the life span of the device.