On the occasion of Yacht week, we give the tips for the latest hairstyle trends that went popular at the Milan Fashion Week. The various hairstyles that are good to go to spend a day at yacht includes Comb Sleek look and curls with medium messy look.

While carrying the sleek comb look, it is recommended to the hairstylist to keep correct degree of hair to present a decent length of hair on the top whereas trimming the hair at the back and on the sides of the head. Moreover, it is suggested the hair should not be dried to much before applying any product- as this will help to create volume and the parting will be difficult to define.

At the time of styling the hair for the mid-messy look, it is pivotal to keep the edges of the hair cut clean and defined as it will enhance the entire look. On the other hand the entire look depends on how an individual wants to present himself, thus the factor of presentation is important as it will define the personality of an individual. In order to keep the hair intact and look full of volume and stylish appropriate hair products are required to be applied to before and after the styling is done.