The complete range is available at Harvey Nichols in the stores of Beyond Beauty. FOREO is a Dubai based brand that was made with the aim to create a new concept of skin care products. FOREO is focused on providing skincare solutions for the current hectic lifestyle so that it can cater the challenges encountered in an effective manner.

FOREO became the first brand in the skincare industry that adopted this concept, the range LUNAs uses the T-Sonic waves of a low and high frequency that has the capability to penetrate through the skin’s dermal layer that helps the skin to clean thoroughly and mildly. This indeed helps to clear skin pores by wiping out oil, makeup excess, and dirt. “LUNA cleanse” decreases the visible wrinkles and fine lines that make the skin softer and tighter by conditioning it.

LUNA has a range of cosmetics exclusively for man, this is designed in such a way that after on minute of its usage the shave becomes smooth that helps in preventing the problem of razor burn. It also a has shower solution tat rejuvenates the morning freshness on the very first use. This is a unique product in man’s cosmetic range amongst the other options available in the market.

The regularly needed products are simple to use and it uses the sonic technology whose outcomes are remarkable. The facial brushes are gentle, hygienic and bacteria that enhances the absorption rate of the skin. FOREO is specific about delivering innovative, waterproof and reliable products.