Acqua di Parma and Clym Evernden


Acqua di Parma, the brand that embodies Italian lifestyle, has chosen the creative vision of artist Clym Evernden to reinterpret its iconic fragrance Colonia in a unique and original way.

An eclectic protagonist of the contemporary art scene and multi-award winning artist and art director for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, Clym Evernden is known for his trademark fluid and graphic black ink lines that characterize his signature style, as well as for his bold and radiant use of colour.

In an interview with the artist Clym Evernden is an award winning artist and art director with a unique creative eye. His signature ink-based style has evolved to encompass mixed media, animation, and set design. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Clym studied BA Fashion Design Womenswear prior to working solely as an artist.

Why Acqua di Parma?
I’ve always loved the brand Acqua di Parma. Italy is one of my favourite holiday destinations, and the brand embodies the style, sophistication, and intoxicating atmosphere of the parts of the country that I love. It’s very important for me to collaborate with companies who have a genuine and authentic product and story behind the brand. I also felt that for a company with such a strong and established visual identity, it was an honour to be asked to introduce my own hand and collaborate.

What does Acqua di Parma represent to you?
Beyond the product range, Acqua di Parma represents a desirable lifestyle. The atmosphere of the brands evokes discreet luxury, a level of refinement without being stuffy or elitist, which I think is very modern.

What were you inspired by? What’s the inspiration behind this project?
Italy, in particular the spacious and airy feel in palazzo style buildings, the window shutters and the natural light filling the interior from the outside. The idea of billowing gauzy curtains, and hearing the birdsong outside, perhaps seeing a few swifts dart past the window. Lightness, the romance of imagination. Something that will make people smile. I aimed to express something artful and fresh.

How would you describe the decorations along the pack and the bottle?
The design of the bottle shows the bird character I’ve created engaging in various activities and scenarios. I developed the character to show little stories of joyful experiences, at one point on the bottle he’s skiing, then shopping, perched on a window sill admiring the view. I wanted the design to flow from one scene to the next, so the brush stroke lines create a sort of organic rhythm around the bottle. I also wanted to produce a magical feel whereby the bird interchanged between land, sky and stars. On the centre back of the bottle is my signature. The packaging design shows the bird character as more of a continuous repeat print, interspersed with my signature which creates a kind of graphic motif amongst the repeat.