Zadig & Voltaire Fall Winter 2019


The Tunnel was an iconic nightclub that featured unisex bathrooms and eclectic decor that attracted the coolest New-Yorkers of the 80s and 90s Club Kids. “From Brett Easton Ellis to Carrie Bradshaw, The Tunnel is a venue that evokes creative freedom and underground appeal.” Zadig & Voltaire’s authentic mood is anchored in masculine and feminine codes within a desirable, modern wardrobe based on tailoring. Chic-destroyed is the season’s term to illustrate the 90s no rules, slouchy vibe added to an ultra-sophisticated mood. A unique collaboration with the jewellery designer Cécile Fricker Lehanneur to add sharp details that punctuate the silhouette, evolving the key pieces of the DNA of the house. The attitude of a Parisian girl de ned by nonchalant sophistication.

The NBA collaboration adds a sportier boyish dynamic including iconography from legendary Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Memphis Grizzlies. “Collaborating with the NBA solidi es Zadig & Voltaire’s values and Cecilia’s vision of an active, sporty, working woman.”