Men’s Guide: How To Wear Watches Properly 

If you want to look confident, professional, and prepared, then you must appreciate the fact that your fashion choice matters a great deal. It is worth noting that the first impression your business partners and colleagues form about you will mostly be influenced by your choice of clothes and accessories. With the right wristwatch, you get a good opportunity to express your personality. Just like your dressing, you must wear your watch properly.

A watch should just complement your looks enough for people to notice it, but subtle enough not to distract. If you would like to wear the right watch with style, then the tips presented below will certainly come in handy. So, continue reading to find and discover some clever men fashion tips you can apply in order to help you wear your wristwatch correctly.

Leather Strap or Metal Band?

When wearing a watch with a metal band, then your jewelry should also match it. For instance, if you decide to wear a silver tone watch band, make sure your belt buckle is a silver tone instead of wearing a golden tone. Besides the cuff links and belt buckles, men don’t have too many accessories to worry about, which means the metal wristwatch bands are a simple option.

If you choose leather, it should typically match your belt and shoes. Even so, it can look less ostentatious and simpler than metal. If you would rather be at your highest level of formality, you should ideally choose black leather wristwatch bands. These are preferable to the sleekest metal bands. However, in the less formal settings, leather bands will offer you a more relaxed attitude.


A Conservative Dress Watch Is Ideal

You should avoid the flashy watches. Whether you are going for a job interview or you intend to visit professional offices, you should note that these are no ðbling’ zones. While your sport or casual watch may be perfect and appropriate for your night out in town, it is not a good choice for your workplace or any professional setting. When you wear a conservative suit, you can do it great justice by wearing a wristwatch with a conservative design.


How should your watch fit?

If you would like to wear your favorite timepiece correctly, then you need to understand that size matters. So, make sure the watch you wear is the right size. Take into consideration the watch strap and watch case. Remember, your wristwatch should be loose fitting enough to enable it slide just slightly around your wrist. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it leaves imprints, then it’s definitely too tight and if you can easily fit two fingers under the watch band, then it’s too loose.


When should you wear your watch?

The answer ultimately depends on the type of watch you own. Is it a casual timepiece or a dress watch? Wristwatches are generally categorized into two groups that include dress watches and casual timepieces.

A dress watch can be worn to any formal occasion. Traditionally, dress watches have a leather strap, gold case, and white dial. These watches are also minimally styled and more modestly sized. Due to the versatility of the sport models and the greatly expanded definition of dress watches, they are no longer considered fashionable for the nicer occasions.


Fashion: Watches Summary

When choosing fashion: watches, it is important that you choose the right one based on the occasion and wear your watch correctly. With these few tips, you will be able to accessorize properly with a watch and look fashionable for any occasion.