Tryano Mens Launch

Adidas shoes AED 600
Dior Sweater, Stella McCartney Sneakers
Stella Mccartney Suit, Hoodie and sneakers
AMI Hoodie, AMI Pants, Adidas Sneakers
Paul Smith swimsuit AED 320
Alexander McQueen bracelet AED 800
Billionaire Boys Club sweater AED 675
Dior Sneakers price available upon request
Qasimi Shirt AED 1,430
Alexander Mcqueen tshirt AED 2,150

Tryano the Abu Dhabi based department store, launched their mens world last week. The new section included several brands between them, Dior Men, Stella Mccartney, Paul Smith, AMI and more.

Tryano collaborated with our Editor in Chief Ahmad Daabas on the launch since Tryano believes that their selection and variety match exactly with Ahmads style and aesthetic.

“I have always had an eye for Tryano, and I was really excited to know that they launched their men’s department. I have to say a lot of super cool brands and collections are hitting the store, which I am excited about, and I know many other people will be excited about it too.” said Ahmad.

“We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Ahmad Daabas and present the Tryano Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s season to you. The Men’s department is designed in the theme of “Desert Garden” with the latest collections from Dior, Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, BALR and much more.” added Sharmila Murat, Tryano’s General Manager.

Swipe through the images above to check the selection and Ahmads campaign with Tryano.