The fiery Belgian designers’ duo Bart Vandebosch and Tome Nottework work for Les Hommes. The designer duos studied at Antwerp in Belgium and are pass outs of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Both, Notte and Vandebosch have spent a long time together forming to establish an inseparable duo. The unique charismatic personalities of the designers acted in their best interest. Vandebosch was an artist since starting, while Notte later developed an interest for studying Graphic Designing after studying economics for a year. Notte finally chose to register at the Fashion Academy after two years. He worked with a designer named Olivier Theyskens, who was working with big brands including Nina Ricci, Theory, and Rochas. Later they thought to work together with Vandebosch and created the label ‘NOTTE-VANDEBOSCH, LES HOMMES’ collection.

The Spring Summer 2013 collection of Les Hommes reflects the romance of German cinema during the 80s. The collection was inspired by Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, in particular. The advocator of film’s is engaged in the Opera Theatre situated at the mid of the Amazonian Forrest that is surrounded by a wild territory and carries the knowledge and information of the Old World.

The men’s collection showcases the sophisticated man of Europe of 30s and 40s that polishes the indigenous geometric designs of the virgin territory. His works presents a perfect synergy of naturalness, tradition and contemporary designs based on 20th century’s ocean and the wider current changes in sea. The knitwear collection highlights the paintings on body of the tribal members.